Heirs of Empire



Heirs of Empire just released on Amazon, and it’s selling pretty well I’m glad to say. Hopefully that will continue and we’ll see book two coming soon.

The world of Heirs is a fun one to play with, science fiction with a fantasy flair. I’ve tried to ground 99% of it in real science theories, so you could call it decently hard scifi… but that takes a back stage to the setting. Most of you have put it together, the Scourwind Empire is situated on a tiny section of a very advanced Dyson Cloud. That setting has set the tone for technology of the inhabitants, as they are limited by what’s available… and they didn’t build the system. No oil means no jet fuel, or at least not much. So technology has followed a new path, and the Imperial Sailing ships have ruled the skies for many long years.


Enjoy the tale, and let your friends know if you liked it. I like this world.

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