The Valhalla Call

Valhalla Call Cover

Valhalla Call Cover

The Valhalla Call is the fourth and final novel in the Hayden War Arc of the Warrior’s Wings series. It all began with On Silver Wings, and it all ends here. The Alliance has determined that Hayden must fall, and they will stop at nothing to ensure just that. So now Earth’s forces are facing a battlefleet the likes of which has never been seen by human eyes, and the only things standing in their path are the twin small task groups of TF7 and Valkyrie.

Meanwhile, Valkyrie and newly minted Lieutenant Sorilla Aida have a special at all costs mission of their own. It’s Sorilla’s first command, and she’s not about to fail it.

Who will be standing after the Valhalla Call?

Coming June 2013, Stay tuned for release date.

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  • Walter says:

    I liked Valhalla Call even if it was way too short ;) But it ended with a lot of open questions and cries out for 1 or more sequels!!!!! So pleeeease write more :) ))

    • admin says:

      Heh, it’s actually the longest of the series by a few thousand words. As to sequels… this was my Worlds War arc, we still have my Cold War arc AND another arc after that. So figure 4-8 more books in the series at least.

  • Stan Edwards says:

    I did enjoy the final book in the valhalla series very much, but suddenly it ended, I thought too soon, I wanted to read that LT . Aida made a happy life with Alexi Petronov, What the Ross’EL were doing in secret, perhaps how they blow away their alliance with the know worlds because of their new weapons, and the humans having captured the Ross’EL ship whole are the only beings who can stop them and so are approached to join in hunting them down. Heck, I wanted to read about Prime Kris taking Sor to his home world to teach the sentinels.
    How the Fleet and TF-5 that dissapeared actually shifted forward in time(?) and have to join forces to get back only to reappear just in time to stop the final Ross”EL advance.

    A very good read Mr Currie. But please …….one more paragraph….or…one more book (or three) in this universe.
    I am waiting with baited breath also for Odyssey One Homeworld.


    • admin says:

      One more paragraph in this verse? Hah! This is the end of the first story ARC, not the verse. I’ve got 4-8 more books planned across two more story arcs. Sorilla will be back.

  • Ken McLellan says:

    I’ve been waiting since I finished the previous book in this series around Feb, and Mr. Currie has not disappointed me, lots of action, a little more background, a lot more mystery and loose ends opened up in this book, I’m sad to see the arc end, I almost cried when I looked to see I had less than 10% of the story to go and there was still so much happening and no time to tie off all the loose ends, from previous books, let alone this one.
    So many questions! One in particular that bugged me, how did Kriss get off Hayden after his fight with Sorilla? I don’t think it was addressed in the previous book, or this one.
    Well done sir, you have me well and truly hooked in this series :)
    Now an interminable wait while Mr. Currie works on other projects then FINALLY gets back to writing for this verse, you know the wait is going to kill me right? Arg!

    • admin says:

      Actually that was briefly mentioned and alluded to in Burning, but it was easy to miss. Kriss pulled back from his fight with Sorilla and called his Sentinels to the shuttle in time to withdraw with Parath.

  • Ken Pollack says:

    Just finished Valhalla Call and enjoyed it. But not as much as I did the other three. It seemed a little disjointed but I know that it had to be to cover so much set up for the next series of books. With everything that was left hanging I can only imagine all the directions you can go. Can’t wait! Please hurry. I love your stories.

  • Rob Thornton says:

    Man, I hate your series… every time I finish one I keep going to look for the next and it’s NEVER THERE… I have to wait for you to write more!!!!!

    All sarcasm aside, absolutely love the work you do and every time I see a book with your name it’s at the top of my “MUST HAVE” list :) . Just be careful not to introduce Sorilla to any amorphs with plasguns… I can’t even contemplate the fight :) .

  • Sherman says:

    I started reading the beginning of your series exactly a week ago. How fortunate for me that I started with right after you just completed this arc so I don’t have all the grueling waits that many folks on this forum speak of :)

    I am a big fan of Space Military Opera and you my friend have fine tuned it to an art. You have the perfect blend of action, science and intrigue and IMO, the quality of your writing is much better than most of the other self-published authors, perhaps rivaling many of the sci-fi greats.

    I look forward to the next arc in the series and in the meantime, I plan on purchasing your Odyssey One series.

    Thank you for a very enjoyable ride.


  • Zack says:

    I loved this series, and I love how your writing style has matured.

    This is definitely my favorite “humans encountering the rest of the universe” story since the Uplift Trilogy.

    Please keep up the great work, and please continue to develop the characters. I love the technology, but I would also love more complex characters… Maybe even develop some flaws in the “perfect” characters you have developed.

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