Empire Asunder launches today!

Book 2 of the Scourwind Legacy Trilogy, An Empire Asunder, has finally launched and with it the newest entry in the ongoing adventures of the Scourwind Twins, their allies, and… of course, their many enemies. :)


You can check it out at amazon, more below :

Some time after the events of the first novel, Lydia is now Empress while her brother Brennan has elected to follow in their elder brother’s footsteps and join the Cadre. With his brother’s own weapon at his side, Brennan finds himself on the trail of a plot against the Empire and against his only remaining family. Sometimes it takes an ultimate sacrifice to win the day… and sometimes, even that is not enough.

Read An Empire Asunder today : http://amzn.to/2f0hz1K

or go check out Heirs of Empire, at a pretty good price : https://t.co/fDLcoBw8jC

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