The Knighthood

March 10, 2017

Well this was actually pretty unexpected, and you guys are awesome for making it happen. I did not expect Knighthood to be a bestseller by any stretch. Similar to Odyssey One, this book was supposed to be a bit of a niche novel to tide over my core readers while I worked on other things. Once again, you people show me that I should stick to writing and not trying to predict what you like. lol

The Knighthood is a hit, and now I have to work on a sequel … wait, am I grateful for that? Ok, I’m conflicted now. 😉

Extra work aside, I can’t thank you guys enough. Really.

And if you haven’t checked it out yet, go take a look: I think it’s worth your time.

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Communism worked great, up to maybe four dozen people. Libertarianism was a bit better and could handle thousands before it started to fall apart. Capitalism worked best on scale, but it too began to implode once you moved close to the billion mark or so and began to factor in multiple local governments. Socialism always sucked and tended to work like a glacier moving uphill, but it worked at pretty much every scale in the same way. It was reliable, even if you could only rely on it to piss you off and barely get anything done.

Evan Currie — By Other Means